Sunday, 21 November 2010

Fashion consultant

In my line on work ('teaching', in case you don't know), acting amazed at the banal is something you need to get used to in your day to day bizniz. It's far from all banal, truth be told, often my students conversations are considerably more enlightening and enjoyable than those I have with most adults. I guess it's the way they think, unburdened by the boot on the throat that life so inevitably presses against you as you get older. Enjoy it kids!

Daily, my younger students often show me the item of clothing they're sporting, with an expectant look, as if asking me to turn my critical eye to their new outfits. Either that or they just point at their new shorts and go 'Teacher! Look!'. Clearly they recognise someone with a high sense of fashion. In turn, I respond with 'Holy Shit, your Winnie the Pooh socks are amazing' or 'Dude, your Snoopy shirt has just blown my mind.' and the like. It keeps them happy and if they're happy, their parents are happy and if their parents are happy, my boss is happy and I get to keep my job. So it's all good.

Which leads me to the most recent case of this. One of my students turned round to me, grin on her face to point out the words on her socks- 'Hot Biscuits'. Now, how to react to a child wearing an item of clothing saying 'Hot Biscuits'? Intense laughter? Well, that's what I did, anyway, so let's hope I got it right. I love the idea that someone, somewhere thought that 'Hot Biscuits' was an appropriate name for a children’s clothing line.

I don't know what the point of all this was. Anyway, I'd like to end this post with two requests- one for someone to point me in the direction of some adult sized 'Hot Biscuits' socks and the second to ask if anyone wants to be in my new band of the same name. Socks will be provided.  


  1. Dude WTF u swear at children !? And hells yeah I'll be in ur band l only have one request that u sing. You have such a great voice after hearing ur version of enter the sandman the original just dosnt cut it any more :P as for the hot biscuit socks I found a site that only sells girl sizes if u want the link

  2. I wore that exact same suit to school the other day and they sent me home with no reason. What is the world coming to?