Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Last Piece of the Puzzle

I'd always been sliding towards being a big fan of boardgames. It was the final, inevitable step of my ascension to full geek, with honours. My whirlwind (boardgame) romance started around 6 months ago and the range and ingenuity of the games that are out there have blown my socks off. In fact, when recently asked by my girlfriend if I had now become a boardgame collector, my sighed 'Yes' spoke volumes. I love 'em.

I was going to start by saying that I've always been drawn to hobbies that sit on the margins a little more than others. But that's not the case. I've always been curious about the hobbies of people whose company I enjoy. If I like them and they like this, I want to know the reason why. It was like this for the boardgames to, in a round about way. I'd become aware of some stores that catered for boardgame fans in Taipei and through this ended up joining a group of foreigners and ne'er-do-well's. It's through them that I've really seen all that there is out there.

I had always loved the few boardgames I had played. Socially, they always felt like one of the most enjoyable things you can do. Combine the right game with a few drinks and you're in for an excellent evening. Since then, like any good medium, I've discovered just how incredibly casual and shockingly hardcore games can get. Some of the rule books could be released as books themselves to be honest. Which is great, if you ask me. I think the very best stuff is always worth putting in a bit of effort for. However, even some of the more casual games can be a stack of fun. I already have a list of games as long as my arm that I want to at least try.

Anyway, in the past few months, I've played as a waitress in a Lovecraftian horror, a giant monster rampaging through Tokyo, a grizzled renegade gunslinger and a general slowly pushing his fleet across the galaxy. Boy, does that sound nerdy when I read it back. But it was all an amazing amount of fun. Basically, play more boardgames you guys. They are great.


  1. I assume the Boardgames will stay on the shelf next week? hehe.
    If you're grabbing it, we gotta get some gears 3 co-op on the go :)

  2. I have Harry Potter Cluedo we can play when you come visit.

  3. Boardgames are just old-old school video games after all.

    However, Harry Potter Cluedo sounds like something for pure pervs only.

  4. What in the heck is Cluedo?

    Also, fine post, Andy. Never got into board games myself, but clearly I'm missing out on something?

  5. Thanks for the comments folks.

    Fitz- Indeed I shall be. We need to get a session sorted out. And did you know a Gears of War boardgame has just been released?

    Ciaran- Sweet. I call Ron.

    Wigz- I think what I like about them (and what I miss about modern games) is that it's a group of people sitting around together, having a laugh. As opposed to what multiplayer games have become- sitting in front of your TV with a headset on, calling other people 'faggots'.

    Chuck- Cluedo is what you American's call Clue I believe. Our name is cooler...

    And yeah man, I think you'd dig some of the games out there. So many great experiences to be found.

  6. happy to see Catan on your photo, Dog brought it back last time and I've been playing it ever since. Need to get the expansions

  7. Yay.. that's us... ! It's really cool, I had no idea when you joined our little group that you weren't much of a board gamer before that. That's exactly why I like them too, fun with friends and can range from crazy intense to silly times... (stupid louie... lol)

  8. Scott- that photo isn't actually mine! I'm way to lazy to take an actual picture of my games...

    Magda- Yeah, you guys really helped improve my Taiwanese experience MASSIVELY. Really, it's been lovely getting to know you all. Also, boardgames :).